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Enhance Your Odds

By sharpening your sense of directional market flow and timing.

Reduce Your Risk

Through specified price-support levels that indicate whether to hold or cover.

Trade Signals – Not Emotion

Fear and greed take a back seat when confusion is eliminated.


Thank you for providing consistent, quality analysis. I’ve 5x’d my account in the past 3 weeks using the Daily SPY analysis! Life changer. Much appreciated.
Robin T.

About Wicked Stocks

Wicked Stocks was created in 2020 by Cary Artac and his daughter, Madeline, with a mission to provide “directional clarity for the active trader and investor”. We live by that motto, every day providing concise, directional market signals that are achieved through the proper blending of various “old school” charting techniques that have been used for many decades by the greater professional-trading community.

We believe in simplicity. The most effective signals are often based on the violation of basic patterns that play out time and again. When combined with basic, yet effective, risk management techniques, a trader or investor can dramatically enhance their odds for success across all trading time-horizons, from short-term day and swing-trading, out to near and longer-term position trading and investing.

Cary Artac

Chief Analyst
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Travis Artac

Technical Analyst
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Madeline Artac

Head of Operations

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