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About Wicked Stocks

Wicked Stocks was created in 2020 by Cary Artac, a 30-year market veteran with career-roots at the Chicago Board of Trade, and his daughter, Madeline Artac, who manages website development and social media marketing. Cary’s son, Travis, joined the Wicked Stocks team in 2021, bringing his BS in Mathematics to bear as a fellow technical analyst, routinely combing through hundreds of stocks to identify individual trade and investment opportunities for Wicked Stocks subscribers.

We live by our mission to “provide directional clarity for the active trader and investor”, every day providing clear, directional market signals that are discovered through the proper blending of “old school” charting techniques that have been used for decades by the greater professional-trading community.

We believe in simplicity. The most effective signals are often based on the violation of basic patterns that play out time and again. When combined with simple risk management techniques, a trader or investor can dramatically enhance their odds for success across all trading time-horizons, from short-term day-trading to longer-term investing.

The Wicked Stocks Team

Chief Analyst

Cary Artac

Cary Artac’s career started at the Chicago Board of Trade (1986 – 1996), where he devoted himself to learning the art and science of effective technical analysis, eventually becoming a renowned advisor within Chicago’s greater floor-trading community. In 1996 he left the trading floor to start Artac Advisory Inc, which continues to provide daily market guidance to brokerage firms, hedge funds, risk management firms, and increasingly, large-scale commodity producers. Cary also provides regular, weekly market advice on AgriTalk PM, a nationally syndicated radio show that speaks to the concerns of commodity- producers throughout the US on being properly positioned for long-term directional moves.

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Head of Operations

Madeline Artac

Madeline Artac, Cary’s daughter, quickly developed her skills in web design and online marketing as the marketing director for a small real estate and property management company in Crested Butte, Colorado. Madeline’s knack for entrepreneurial endeavors and her creative outlook on marketing techniques lead to her co-founding Wicked Stocks with her father, Cary Artac. Madeline manages web development, social media accounts, and marketing elements of this new and robust venture.

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Technical Analyst

Travis Artac

Travis Artac, Cary’s son, completed a double major in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Environmental Sustainability from Western Colorado State. Shortly after graduating, Travis joined the Wicked Stocks team, and has put his creative and analytical skills to good use by learning and developing reliable methods of technical, market analysis. Over the course of a year he’s become an indispensable member of the team, providing analytical support for all of the Wicked Stocks market videos.

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