I am amazed at the accuracy of your daily charts. During periods of volatility, your service has been an intra-day compass as to direction and expected levels of support. Thanks!
James S.

You are amazing. You have taken a lot of angst out of my decision making. Truly remarkable… Saved me money today.
Robert L.

Love the simplicity/readability of the charts. Always look forward to your new content and appreciate your analysis.
Christian L.

I took an option on a company and sector I believe in, HealthCare. I was able to get into a call on Lilly Co. (LLY) and made 200% return in just 13 days. I am still working on patience and stop losses, but I was proud to be in and get out in the positive. Thank you.
Lamar Pittman

Thank you for the great TA Mr. Artac. I recently began trading again and these videos really helped me get my footing again and feel confident in my own TA. Most importantly, you’ve helped me stay profitable.


Hey man, thank you for your videos. You’ve been very accurate and have given me information that has allowed me to trade with more confidence. 
Dillon Barrs

Your analysis never changed and you stuck to the technicals. You called out sell signals 2-3 weeks ago and I held tight. Made big money today! Thank you!
Christian Proano

Wish I would’ve discovered you 2 years ago. Would’ve saved me a lot of pain and money! But I’m here now.
Sam B

I really believe you are the best technical analysis on the internet. Keep up with the good work Sir.
Michael Dang

Love it! Swing traded using your levels – up 2k! You are fantastic!
Jill O

My experience with Wicked Stocks, under the expert guidance of Cary, has been nothing short of transformational. Cary’s mastery of trend lines and Fibonacci sequences has given me a whole new perspective on the wealth of information that market charts hold. His insights have not only deepened my understanding but have also significantly elevated my earnings, making investing a genuinely lucrative venture for me.As Cary often points out, timelines in trading are arbitrary, which is an important aspect to remember. While his projections may not align exactly with real-time developments, his accuracy in predicting the attainment of market targets is uncanny. More often than not, the market hits these targets sooner than anticipated.The utility of Cary’s advice to options trading is immeasurable. His weekly stock picks often spotlight tickers that wouldn’t typically catch my attention, while his daily and weekly analyses of core ETFs paint a comprehensive and dynamic picture of the stock market landscape.In terms of value for money, Wicked Stocks is unrivaled. The returns from my investments within the first month covered my annual subscription cost, a testament to Cary’s invaluable advice. If you have any doubts, I urge you to check out Cary’s free daily YouTube videos, particularly his analyses of Apple and Tesla. Their consistent accuracy is simply astounding.In conclusion, my journey with Wicked Stocks, especially with Cary, has been transformative. This testimonial is a token of my gratitude for the incredible value it has added to my trading pursuits.


I’ve always watched your Tesla videos and I’ve made about $20,000 usd in a month. By following your breakdown of Tesla.

Trevor Simioni

As a recent member of Wicked  Stocks (who quickly made back the yearly fee using one of Wicked Stock’s subscriber stock picks) I have also benefited from their free Youtube offerings. High quality, REAL expertise and know-how in these videos, people. Respect!
Jack S.

Subscription well worth it. Paid for itself many times over just this week.
Thomas R.

Hi Cary, in my experience of trading options for several years, I have not come across anyone who is as accurate as you. Your predictions are consistently spot on and you exude confidence in them. Subscribing to your channel has been one of the best decisions I have made recently. You are doing an excellent job and I encourage you to keep it up.
Zee Money

Hi Cary and family, I’m a huge fan and I really appreciate your work. I’ve mostly used it for day trade scalps. I’ve had days where I’ve hit home runs with it, and I’ve had days where the numbers didn’t work and I violated my own trade discipline and racked up losses. I’ve put a lot of time into trying to become a profitable trader and I still screw up and that’s after studying everything I can study. Humbling but true. Google says 95% of traders lose money, and unfortunately that is probably accurate. I mention this because it seems like there are an awful lot of people out there who are looking for a buy here, sell here, service and that’s not what you offer. You are offering intelligent analysis that I think can be very beneficial to people who are already trading well and I try to leave supportive comments on YouTube so that more people sign up…Wicked Stocks provides daily speed line analysis of the SPY and QQQ with incremental support/resistance/pivot numbers that can be used profitably for scalp, swing and position trades within the context of an established trading system that incorporates trend analysis, position sizing, stops, gaps, sentiment, discipline, etc..

Enough said. Bottom line is I appreciate you, respect your work and I love it that your son and daughter are working with you! That’s true wealth. I wish you every success.

John M.

Hi Cary, just wanted to say that I really appreciate your analysis. I’m mostly an intraday trader and almost everyday, I see the market stop and battle it out around one of your numbers.

I have been an option trader for just over two years and at first it was difficult, but the experience has made me better every day. After losing more than winning I realized that a good market analysis is what I needed, I started to learn how to do the analysis myself, but along the way I found “Wicked Stocks” and from that moment I win more than I lose (and I can say that the losses now are more due to my mistakes).Now I just have to worry about perfecting my style, and I leave the analysis to professionals like Cary Artac and his team at Wicked Stocks, I thank God for having found them
SPY_Q Trader

I am a Day trader/sometimes swing, but rarely. As far as strategy goes, Wicked Stocks has definitely made me look at levels differently. That, and trendlines. I like how Cary is usually flexible to other plans, not just playing a bull or bear side – but both. I trade the SPY ETF, QQQ ETF, and stocks.As a day trader, I can’t recall a specific winning trade, but it’s not unusual for me to get 20-40% gains using the levels that are clearly explained and provided by Wicked Stocks. Prior to the Ukraine invasion, I was actually up around $3k since I started using Wicked Stocks. I trade in a small account, so $3k was quite a large gain for me. After the invasion, however, I lost quite a bit of those gains. I’m back on the road to recovery, thanks to the levels provided. Additionally: I can say confidently, that the levels wicked stocks provides, as well as the plans and insight – is invaluable. Plans are given very clearly and concisely. I like the addition Cary has added with the “Trade of the day.” I can confidently say that I will be using Wicked Stocks for the foreseeable future. Really glad I found it. There are other services out there and some other twitter traders. But they really are smoke and mirrors and not very transparent on their plans. Cary is very transparent and provides plans for both scenarios.
Anonymous Wicked Stocks Member