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Ford Update (May 31st & July 12th)

Technical Stock Analysis on Ford Motor

Update on Ford (F), remaining in the grips of a long-term buy signal

We update the Ford Motor Co (F) charts for you in this Wicked Stocks video-analysis, showing the stock still holding above long-term support. Cary provides an important downside sell-stop location in the event you presently own the stock in the 13.90’s, as well as the next sign of bullish continuation.

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Ford Motor Co (F) posts another significant buy signal last week

Is now the time to make a long term investment in Ford (F) stock?

In this Wicked Stocks video-analysis, Cary updates you on Ford Motor Co (F) and it’s recent rally, which has pushed the automaker’s stock through a targeted ceiling, in the process eliciting another meaningful buy-signal that is expected to yield another 50% gain by year’s end.

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