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Daily Analysis in the SPY & QQQ ETFs- Weekly Stock Picks

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We'll guide you to maximize your returns using our
3 powerful tools, with each video presented by
Cary Artac, ensuring clear guidance that supports
your trade execution with clarity and precision.

Daily Analysis

A day traders secret weapon. Identify directional moves, barriers, and get clear guidance on your trade execution.

Weekly Analysis

No surprises here. Stay consistently connected to longer-term trends and investment opportunities with precise insights.

Stock Picks

No guesswork with Wicked Stocks. Our research team will provide you with 2 stock picks every week intended to achieve 20% price gain for each stock.

Weekly Stock Picks- 2 per week

Daily SPY Report

Daily QQQ Report

Weekly SP-500 Index

Weekly NDX 100

Weekly Apple Inc (AAPL) Analysis Video

The team at Wicked Stocks has got your back. Join
thousands of other traders who use Wicked Stocks
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